Oct 29 2007

Me vs. winter: Right now, I’m winning


My winterizing efforts are almost finished. I insulated the electrical outlets on our exterior wall, put foam strip stuff along the seals of all of our windows, covered that with painter’s tape for an extra seal, and put window plastic over all of that.

I put rolled-up beach towels at the base of the windows for an extra little oomph.

The outside temperature is 44 degrees. In here, it is 70. The heat has not yet turned on.

Huzzah! It’s working! The thermostat is programmed to be anywhere from 57 degrees to 62, depending on the time of day.

I’ve closed the vent to the bathroom, so that we won’t be heating a room we use for just short periods of time.

I flipped the switch on our ceiling fans to “winter mode,” so the air is pulled up rather than blown down. Of course, we only turn on the fans when we’re actually in the room, and when we want it on.

I bought metal vent covers from Home Depot to use in rooms we’re not heating. For example, during the day, we won’t be using the bedroom. I’ll cover the vent and close the bedroom door. Since we aren’t using it, why heat it?

All of our closet doors will be closed unless we’re using them. The bathroom doors will be shut as well.

So far, I’m happy with how things are going. The highs during the day are supposed to still hit 55 or 60, but at night, we could see lows in the upper 30s. Brr! I hope that once it’s actually cold all the time, we’ll still be toasty inside.

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One Response to “Me vs. winter: Right now, I’m winning”

  1. Good job beating winter into submission! I’m do a lot of the same things…I hadn’t thought of buying vent covers, though…that’s a great idea! Great post. I enjoyed reading it.

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