Oct 29 2007

Instant frugal heat (or cold) pads


I’m sure most of you already have tried this tip, but I love it so much, I’m going to post about the wonders of a sock filled with rice.

When you have a sock that has lost its mate, such as a blue one (where on Earth did I get a blue sock?), you can turn it into a wonderful heat or cold pack.

Simply select a cotton sock, make sure there aren’t any holes in it, and pour in some uncooked rice–however much you want.

Tie the top of the sock around itself, do ya know how I mean?

Voila! In 30 seconds, you’ve given a sock a new purpose and have created a very handy item.

Keep one or two in the freezer for when you need a nice cool pack. If you tend to rough out the summers without air conditioning, putting one of these cold packs on your head as you fall asleep could cool you down just enough to do the job.

When you need heat, put one in the microwave for 90 seconds to 2 minutes. It will be hot, so be careful! You can apply it to sore muscles or put it under the covers at the foot of your bed before you get in on frosty nights.

When you want to wash your sock, empty the rice into a container, throw the sock into the laundry and fill it when it’s dry.

How many of you use these rice packs?

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12 Responses to “Instant frugal heat (or cold) pads”

  1. I love rice pads! I love the way you have used a spare sock. That is such a great idea and frugal. Here are some I’ve made:


  2. We love the rice pads here too! I’ve made a few from scraps of leftover flannel .. The moist heat they create is fantastic for sore muscles. I have a nice satiny one that I added essential oils to for sinus headaches .. aromatherapy and heat all at once!

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog! I’ve been reading it for the past couple of weeks but this is my first post!

  3. Thanks for the link, Debbie. I think making pretty rice packs is a very doable craft for me.

    Thanks for saying hello, Rebekah! Now, I can go visit your blog :)

  4. Hi Kacie, we use the rice packs too, and they’re really great for those sore muscles. I’m following the link you left in your comment on my blog this morning. Thanks for visiting! I have enjoyed your blog… lots of good frugal ideas.

  5. Oh, this is great. I have been complaining of back pain since Friday and I think I just might try this.

    Hey, you can make these socks into draft blockers as seen here:


  6. Hey Kacie!
    I’m a 22-year-old newlywed (married almost 15 months) who also recently moved to Pennsylvania, although I’m on the complete opposite side of the state as you! So, we have a few things in common, I guess! I really enjoy reading your blog and love all of your frugal tips. I’m totally jealous that you have a Kroger out there – my husband and I went to school in Ohio and I fell in love with Kroger and the things I depended on being on sale. Alas, the grocery stores out here are SO much more expensive. Anyway, I have a question for you: I see that you write a lot about getting rebates. I was thrilled to see a Pert Plus rebate in our Sunday newspaper (my husband likes that shampoo), but other than that, I’ve never seen rebates. Are you mainly getting them from Walgreens?

    Also, I noticed on your menu list that you plan to make taco soup. I make a taco soup recipe quite often that also requires Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. I completely understand not wanting to spend the cash, but I would recommend it if you can – the dry dressing packet really adds a LOT to the flavor of the soup. Usually you can buy the dry dressing packets in multiples (like at Super Wal-Mart), and since I usually double my soup recipe and freeze it, I can justify spending the money on the unique ingredients. Just my experience, but who knows, the squirt of dressing might turn out great!

    Thanks for blogging!!!!

  7. We LOVE our rice socks! I use mine most for “monthlies”–one over my tummy, one on my lower back. Ahhhhh!

  8. Rice socks are amazing for childbirth and the postpartum time! Make several extra-long rice socks so that you can rotate them and always have one in the microwave heating up. They are great for back rubs during labor, warm compresses on cramps and sore areas after childbirth, and they also make a great little back prop for putting behind the baby as they lay on their side if you nurse in bed!

  9. I made one of these not so long ago, for when My husband was so sore, and I had nothing else to offer him- I found a lonely sock, filled it with rice, popped it in the microwave, and – voila – a warm compress!

  10. I use mine to heat up my part of the bed in the winter. It makes the bed warm & toasty. When I get into bed, I push it down towards my feet and I can fall asleep so much easier.

    Also, if you shop @ Sam’s you can buy the Hidden Valley Dressing Mix in a large container for much cheaper than buying the little packs. It works for me because I make the dressing from scratch instead of buying the bottles.

  11. I had a rice pack that a friend made me a few years ago, but I’ve never heard of using a sock. Cool idea! I’m definitely going to try it.

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