Oct 26 2007

Our wedding: The stationery


Sending wedding invitations, creating programs, and thank-you cards can cost a ton of money. Some designer styles can cost $5-10 each–I’m not joking. Just check the bridal magazines. That would be fine if you planned to invite, oh, 10 guests. But anything more than that, and really, I think you’re throwing away your money.

I really lucked out in the stationery department, but even if you don’t get freebies, you can still get good deals on wedding stationery.

As it turns out, my husband’s sister had a huge stockpile of invitations and programs she didn’t need. They were the kind you print yourself.

To add our own touch to it (and possibly reduce the weight of the envelope, thereby reducing postage), we used a special hole punch stamp to cut out little hearts around the corners of the invitation and the reply cards.

It looked cute, I thought.

Printing our own free invites turned out to be an easy thing for us. I needed to replace my ink cartridge once–but that was no big deal.

Our programs were a bit too fussy for my liking. They looked good, but putting them together was…ugh! I had one or two boxes of programs free from my sister-in-law, but we needed more. Fortunately, Hobby Lobby had the same pattern. I bought remaining boxes during a 50% off wedding sale and spent about $15.

The programs were two sheets of paper laced together with a ribbon. Because I’m a champion procrastinator, these weren’t finished until after the rehearsal dinner. [A BIG thank-you to the wedding party and a few other friends who helped finish these off!]

Unless you absolutely adore the look, I’d say forget the ribbon and just have sturdy paper–folded or not. Or, be good and do it way in advance. Heh.

Finally, the thank-you cards. eBay all the way. Your thank-you cards do not have to match your other stationery, believe it or not. Guests will not remember. The will not match your invitation to your thank-you note. Really.

However, by a cool twist of luck, our cards did match. They had a similar heart pattern on the front, which went well with our invitations. Who knew?

Some final tips:

  • Be sure your final invitation package (all of the envelopes and paper) weigh less than 1 ounce. You really don’t want to spend twice the postage for having 1.1 oz. stuff, do ya? I took mine to the post office where they have a scale. Mine averaged .7 oz.
  • Don’t forget to budget for stamps. I spent $50 or so, maybe more.
  • Consider searching for pretty card stock at a craft store to design your own. You can use punch outs, ribbon–and whatever else you can think of–to personalize your invitations.
  • If you have pretty handwriting or know someone who does, you could hand-write the invitations, rather than use your printer.
  • Don’t put a lot of money into these. Save it for something else, like food. People remember food.


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5 Responses to “Our wedding: The stationery”

  1. You have some really good tips Kacie. I ordered thank you notes to match our invitations (we got them all online and for cheap) but I didn’t use any of them. Someone had given us note cards with our names on them and I liked them better than the matching thank yous so thats what I used. 3 years later I still have our wedding thank you cards. Maybe I can use them after the baby!

  2. I wisely chose rather plain thank you notes (got them printed at a printshop) and now, 8 years later, just used the last one!

  3. we bought our invites from walmart and i printed them myself. thank you cards came from the dollar store. i also made “save the date” magnets that we sent out shortly after being engaged…printed them out on business card cardstock you can get in the office supply store, laminated them, and put a strip of magnet on the back. super easy and adorable.

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