Oct 25 2007

Keeping the breeze out


When I unscrewed the plastic electrical outlet cover from the wall, I was shocked to feel a slight breeze coming through the gap. It was 65 degrees outside and not windy. And yet, it was.

I installed those electrical outlet insulator things in just a few minutes. It was extremely easy, and before putting the plastic cover back on, I could tell that they were shielding out that draft. I didn’t post a picture of it with the cover on, but you get the idea.

Every little bit helps, when you’re trying to stay warm this winter and cut your heat bill!

Next in the winterizing department: taping up those winders!

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4 Responses to “Keeping the breeze out”

  1. Isn’t that something, I woke up this morning thinking about this very thing. I remember reading somewhere that the child protectors help save on electricity because they reduce the draft. I like what you are doing though! Where did you get the stuff for it?

  2. Yeah, it makes sense to cover unused outlets with those child protectors to keep every bit of the draft out.

    I got all the stuff at Home Depot for about $15.

  3. Im going to have to check this stuff out. We have an old house, and its pretty drafty. Ive never heard of these things.

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