Oct 24 2007

Why I love the library: Reason # 232


A week or so ago, my husband and I were in Borders bookstore. He found two books he wanted to read. I don’t know how much they were, but I know we would have spent at least $15. I wrote down the title and author to see if we could either buy it on Amazon.com or get it from the library.

One title was available from the library–just not one we go to. HOWEVER–we could still get the book from our regular library via the handy interlibrary loan.

Here in Pittsburgh, one library card allows you to check out books from any of the libraries in the Pittsburgh system. We went online, logged into the library web site with hour library card and searched for the book.

It was available at some library clear across town.

We requested the book via interlibrary loan, and the book was sent to the library we use. For free!

So, I went and checked out the book and saved gas money from driving to that other library–and we saved money from not buying the book.

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3 Responses to “Why I love the library: Reason # 232”

  1. I used to do this all the time when we lived in a bigger city. When we moved to Hooterville I was so disappointed to find out that they charge a dollar to order a book through an interlibrary loan and charge your account whether or not you pick up the books you ordered. I know it’s a very small price to pay, but aren’t public libraries supposed to be free?

  2. That stinks. I guess the tax dollars aren’t enough to cover the cost of it there :(

  3. I do this all the time! The only thing is we have a library the next town over and now they are charging $50 per year for a family to join. Isn’t that outrageous!

    I also check Amazon before I buy anything, as well as Ebay. By the way, Passionate Housewives (new release) is listed on Amazon for 10.88! That is cheap!

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