Oct 23 2007

Sharing the wealth of other bloggers


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in my right sidebar, I have a “shared items” link. I subscribe to a bunch of blogs in my Google Reader, and when I find something I think others might enjoy (or if I want to come back to it later) I’ll share it.

Since I don’t think anyone actually reads my shared items, I’m going to showcase the most recent additions:

Everyone loves coupon codes, right? Frugalize has discovered a coupon code site that’s easy to use and will save you money, if you were planning to make a purchase anyway. Couple a coupon code with Ebates, and your online purchases will never be the same.

My favorite appliance is my dishwasher. I went without one for several years. I hate hand-washing dishes, so most of the time, I didn’t. Ick. Naturally, you can expect I want to keep my dishwasher in tip-top shape. The gals at Home Ec 101 have easy dishwasher maintenence tips you won’t want to miss.

The goal for most frugal people is to have zero debt. Still, most people have credit cards. When you sign up, someone gets you on the phone and they hound you about all the extra protection features you need. Do you really need them? Probably not. Nora Dunn at Wise Bread discusses credit card insurance.

Can going on a vacation do something worse than blowing your budget? Can it wreck your frugal mentality? Paid Twice shows how their vacation actually helped them appreciate their frugal ways.

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2 Responses to “Sharing the wealth of other bloggers”

  1. Hey thanks for the mention!! :)

    That looks like a good list :)

  2. Sweet – thanks for the mention and the link!

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