Oct 22 2007

Can you make money taking surveys…or is the effort costing you too much time?


An anonymous reader commented that he or she would like to see a post on paid surveys. I don’t know too much about the topic–perhaps readers can post suggestions about it.

When deciding whether to sign up for a survey site, look to see how often they’ll pay you. If they send you a check or money to your PayPal account after every survey, that seems pretty reasonable. If you have to hit $100 before they’ll cut you a check and each survey is only worth $0.10, I’d say your time could be better spent somewhere else. Weigh your time spent vs. earnings. Remember, your time is more valuable than an hour’s worth of $0.10 surveys.

I have earned money from two survey/ad sites: Esearch and Brandport.

A few years ago, I signed up with Brandport. When I signed up, it was for college students only. Now, I think they may have expanded. I would watch a commercial on their site and then answer 2-3 questions about it. Really easy. I’d earn $0.25-$1 for each one. They’d send money to my PayPal account. To date, I’ve earned $25.

Now, they’ve changed their business format some, and I haven’t had an ad to view in a long time.

The next one I sometimes use is Esearch. I can’t remember how I got signed up with them. Every once in awhile, they’ll e-mail me and let me know they have a survey for me to take. They tell me how much it is worth upfront (usually $2-4). They also pay via PayPal.

If I were a marketer, I’d be wary of using these get-paid-to-take-survey sites. For one, survey takers might submit answers simply to be eligible for the survey. If after the first few questions I don’t fit Esearch’s criteria, the survey stops and I don’t get paid. So, it’s to my financial advantage to answer how I think they want me to answer (I don’t). But you can see how unreliable the survey results would be for the marketer.

It would be better for the marketer and survey taker if you received at least some payment for each survey. That would encourage honest answers.

The anonymous reader wanted to know about mysurvey.com. I know nothing about them. One of my blog readers, Erin, commented that she has received checks from that company.

So there ya have it!

Readers, what do you think? Are surveys worth your time and money?

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3 Responses to “Can you make money taking surveys…or is the effort costing you too much time?”

  1. Pinecone Research is a great survey company. They pay $5 for each survey you complete directly to your paypal account. You have to find their banners and click through it to sign up. Finding the banners is the tricky part. LOL

  2. I do a lot of online surveys. Is it worth it? That’s debatable lol. I have a list on my site of the ones I use, and several people added more in the comments. I have been wanting to try out the ones people recommended but I am hit my limit of survey time I think.

    My Survey has done well for me, it only takes $10 to cash out. I’ve cashed out 3 times in October lol. Only once in September though. It is kind of feast or famine.


  3. I love online surveys. They are a great way to make a little bit of extra money. I wrote about the reliable ones that I use on a blog post several months ago.


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