Oct 22 2007

$11.13 dinner menu for the week of Oct. 22-26


This is my lowest-costing menu yet. In part, it’s because I’m using leftovers I froze from last week. I planned to have that lasagna be leftovers for awhile, since it does take awhile for two people to eat a huge pan of it.

We really like having breakfast for dinner once per week, since our real breakfasts are usually cereal or something not as fun. Plus, it’s a low-cost dinner item.

Finally, we try to use up all of the leftovers we can–using them in new dishes or coming back to them another time.

Chicken supreme casserole $4.21
Salmon patties, frozen steamed veggies $2.69
Scrambled eggs, toast, pineapple $1.41
Chicken salad sandwiches, leftover veggies $2.82
Last week’s frozen lasagna $0
Total: $11.13

Chicken supreme

My grandma gave me this recipe. She got it from an old Campbell’s soup can, or in a newspaper, or somewhere. I think this is the recipe, though it might be a little off. Whatever–with a casserole, you have a bit of freedom.

4c cooked, diced chicken $2.50 or so (I’m using part of the roasted chicken from earlier this week, and the rest for sandwiches on Thursday)
1 can cream of chicken soup $0.83
1 cup mayo (I think I paid $2 for a jar with 33 oz., so that’s about $0.48 for this)*
2 T lemon juice
1/2 t salt (negligible)
1/4 t pepper (neg)
1 c chopped celery $0.20
1 small diced onion $0.05
1 can water chestnuts, drained (I don’t have any, so I’ll leave these out)
Crushed crackers or Rice Krispies $0.15

Total: $4.21

Mix all ingredients, put in 9×13 pan. Sprinkle top of casserole with Rice Krispies. (I don’t have any, so I will use crumbled crackers). Bake at 425 for 20 minutes covered. Cook it uncovered for a few more minutes to brown the top.

*I’ve also seen this recipe using sour cream instead of mayo. I have some leftover sour cream that I could use, so I might substitute that.

Salmon patties with steamed frozen veggies

I use the salmon patty recipe that you can find on most cans. However, rather than using the whole egg, I just use the egg whites. I find that the salmon has a better flavor and is less runny this way. I’ll save the egg yolks and use them in Wednesday’s dinner.

Can salmon, drained and flaked $1.69

Diced onion $0.05

Egg, beaten $0.12

Breadcrumbs (I just eyeball it) ($0.03 or less)

Seasonings: Dill, lemon pepper, salt

Splash of lemon juice

Total: $1.89 for the salmon, $2.69 for the entire meal.

Combine all ingredients, form into patties and fry in a skillet with a little bit of oil.

Serving with twice-baked potato ($0.15 each) and frozen vegetables $0.50/bag

Wednesday breakfast for dinner:

Scrambled eggs (Using the leftover yolk from yesterday, and 4-5 more eggs) $0.60

Toast 4 slices $0.12

Canned pineapple $0.69

Total: $1.41

Chicken salad sandwiches and leftover vegetables from Tuesday
I’ll use whatever chicken I don’t use in Monday’s recipe $2.46 (The whole chicken cost $4.96, so I’ll subtract Monday’s estimate from the total to ensure the entire cost is used)

3 hard boiled eggs $0.36

Mayo, mustard, seasoning, etc.

Leftover veggies $0

Total: $2.82


Leftover lasagna frozen from last week $0 (since I calculated the full amount for last week’s menu)

To all of you coming from OrgJunkie, thanks for stopping by! I hope that you’ll come back during the week as well. Everyone else, head over there for more menus!

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18 Responses to “$11.13 dinner menu for the week of Oct. 22-26”

  1. One thing I’d love to see in your blog is whether or not those survey websites are real. You know the ones like mysurvey.com and global survey group, etc. I’m always weary when I see those in the sign up pages, especially the sign up page for couponmom.com, which I just signed up for! :)

  2. Sounds like a great week! I think I will try the Chicken Supreme next week:-)

  3. Looks like a tasty week…and very cost effective as well!!! Good job!

  4. wow, I am impressed. So tasty yet you managed to save lots of money. great job!

  5. what great cost analysis! well done!

  6. You do amazing on your budget! I just can’t hack it as a tight wad, too hard. Fortunately we recently moved to the boonies and there’s nowhere to go to eat. LOL! So we eat at home and that helps.

  7. Breakfast for supper is great, I know my kids are thrilled when I do it! You are awesomely organized: way to go! And yummy food too!!

  8. oh my i’m very impressed with your meal planning and the organizing!!!!have a great week.

  9. Yumm! Good job this week. I might have to try the Chicken supreme recipe sometimes (minus the water chestnuts too…I am NOT a fan).

    I’m not the blog author, but I can vouch that Mysurvey is legit. I’ve been getting checks with them for years. And I’ve tested products too.

    I don’t know about global survey though, i’m not signed up.

  10. Very impressive… I wil lbe back to look around. Thanks for visiting my Menu Plan.


  11. Very tasty week even if it is “cheap” lol!

  12. Everything sounds great. I bookmarked the page to give the chicken supreme a try. sounds yummy!!

  13. Great looking menu! Have a wonderful week.

  14. Mmm… I think I’ll be giving the chicken supreme a try. That might actually be something the kids will try. Thanks for checking out my plan again this week! Yours looks mighty tasty, too… AND I LOVE breakfast for dinner! :)

  15. Great menu plan! I wish I knew how to budget better. Have a great week!

  16. great menu yum

  17. Hi, you have some great meals planned for this week :)

    See you next week!

    Rachel xxx
    Come and visit me at my blog :)

  18. I’m a member of Pine Tree Survey and receive $5 per surveys. It covers my need for a Mocha.
    Great menu plan.

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