Oct 21 2007

Ooh-eee, I think I need to take one of those Tylenols…


I didn’t correctly interpret the fine print in a CVS ad, and it cost me. Here’s what I did:

First transaction:

  • Garnier Fructis shampoo (2) at $4.29 each, used $1 off coupons for each
  • A shower puff that I needed $2.99
  • $2 off $10 transaction printable coupon
  • I used $7.57 in ECB from a previous transaction to round it off.

Total: $0. Total ECB generated: $0. What? I was expecting $8 from the shampoos. Oh wait–I bought 13 oz. bottles of shampoo. I needed to buy either the 25.4 oz., or 10.2 oz. deep conditioner. Whoops!

I was counting on those $8 ECB to use in my next purchase.

Second purchase:

  • $2.99 Gas-X, had a $1 off coupon (This is the only thing I did right, it seems). It generated $3 ECB.
  • Tylenol Rapid Release 100 count $10.29 (I wish I just bought two of these! Then it would have been fine).
  • Tylenol EZ Tabs, 25 ct. (bought two of those at $4.99 each)
  • Kit Kat bars $1.97 (because I thought I was going to have overage. Nope, I didn’t.)

I was going for the spend $20 on Tylenol, get $10 ECB deal. However, the fine print says: “Tylenol Extra Strength, PM, rapid release, EZ tabs, 8 hour 100 ct., arthritis 80 or 100 ct.”

I interpreted that as ANY size Tylenol extra strength, PM, EZ tabs…I thought the only ones with size requirements were listed later. Nope! I think I will write to CVS to explain how this confused me, so in the future they can be a little more clear. How did you interpret that one?

Anyway, I used two $5 off Tylenol coupons, a $4 off $20 coupon, another $1 off Tylenol coupon, and a $1 off Gas-X coupon. I spent $9.23 and got $3 ECB back. I was expecting $21 ECB, however.

I’m afraid to ask for a refund, since I’ll lose all of those coupons. I won’t be able to print more $5 off Tylenols. Oh well.

The good news:

If I had no coupons at all today, I would have spent $36.80. Since I only paid $9.23, I guess one way of looking at it is I saved $27.57–or about 75 percent. That’s still pretty good.

Another good bit of news, I learned that you have to very carefully scrutinize the fine print. It’s an important lesson to learn!

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3 Responses to “Ooh-eee, I think I need to take one of those Tylenols…”

  1. You would have been able to get your coupons back if you would have done the refund right then & there. I bought the wrong Crest Pro-Health the other day and that’s what they did. Though, they DID try to rip my 2.00ecb, but luckily I still have my refund receipt and the cashier over rode whatever she had to do today so I could re-use that 2.00ecb.

    That tylenol deal was confusing. I would have done it if I could have gotten 5.00 to print and if it would have included childrens.

  2. This can be so confusing to figure out, can’t it? I think you still did a great job, and learned a lesson as well. Keep up the good work. I enjoyed reading your blog… thanks so much for commenting on mine! BTW, I wish I would have practiced being more frugal at your age! You should really be proud of yourself.

  3. I have almost done the exact same thing! Luckily I double checked with the cashier before she finished the sale and I put everything back and got the correct sizes. I know it annoys the people who work there, but it was for a $20 ECB! BTW – ECB is so awesome!! My mom hasn’t paid for toothpaste or deoderant in probably two years! The only bad thing is they really jack their prices so you have to be careful you wouldn’t be saving more somewhere else.

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