Oct 19 2007

Chicken in the crockpot


Ya know that roaster chicken I bought yesterday for $4.96? Well, I’m cooking her. It wasn’t as gross as I thought it would be, although I did not like the slimy fat under its wings and near the legs. Eww.

I wanted to use as much of the chicken as I could, but I just couldn’t do anything with the giblets yet. I know you can use it to make gravy and stuff, but I really need to take it a step at a time.

For the spice rub, I used salt, paprika, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, thyme, and that chicken seasoning I got for free at Giant Eagle yesterday. We’ll see how it tastes!

I’m cooking the chicken on top of some chopped onions in my crock pot.

I plan to use some of the meat next week, and freeze the rest. I’ll use the bones for making a soup base. You’ll just have to wait until Monday to see my menu and recipes :)

Finally, after getting that chicken in the pot, I sanitized every surface in that kitchen–including soap bottles and water faucets. I don’t want salmonella, and I doubt my husband does, either.

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5 Responses to “Chicken in the crockpot”

  1. Good price on the chicken! Usually I find roasted deli chicken for less than it costs to cook a whole fresh one. I’m exactly the same with sanitizing everything when there’s any sort of meat involved. I don’t want to have to deal with any problems down the line due to carelessness.

  2. How long did you cook the chicken in the crockpot? I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never bought a whole chicken to cook. But I think I could do it if I could just stick it in the crockpot.

  3. I cooked it for 4 hours on low. The chicken I bought had a pop-up timer, and when it thought the meat was cooked, it just popped up. I checked it with my meat thermometer, and sure enough, it was done!

  4. How did it come out? Every time I cook mine in the crock pot, my hubby complains it is too dry! I bought a terra cotta baker and it seems to come out!

  5. I still don’t do anything with the giblets. Yuck!

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