Oct 11 2007

The in-laws are coming! the in-laws are coming!


That’s right! My husband’s parents are coming for a visit this weekend. As we are now seven hours from home (wanna guess where that is? I’ll just tell you. We’re from the great state of Indiana), this will be their first visit to our humble Pittsburgh home. We’re really excited to have them over. They’re tons of fun, and I know we’ll have a great weekend.

I wanted to share something I read on SAHMmy’s blog.

She wrote about the generous hospitality she experienced while visiting some people, and how you shouldn’t just strive to be hospitable for guests; rather, you should be hospitable to your family ever day. What a cool thought! So, I’m hoping to be a hospitable host this weekend, and I’d like to carry that forward.

And, I’ll probably be taking a serious blogging break this weekend to do so. They won’t arrive until late this evening or tomorrow, and I might squeeze in a post after that, but if not, see ya on Monday!


One more thing: Pittsburghers, do you have suggestions for things we should do this weekend?

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4 Responses to “The in-laws are coming! the in-laws are coming!”

  1. When my parents and when David’s parents came to town, we:

    1. went to the Strip District on Saturday morning
    2. had lunch in Station Square at Houlihan’s (really fun mini desserts and a great variety of menu items)
    3. hung out around the Station Square fountains for a bit
    4. took the incline to Mt Washington
    5. took lots of pictures up there
    6. went for a walk around the North Park lake

    So fun with plenty of opportunities to talk!

    Good luck!

  2. Looks good! I knew you’d have ideas! Thanks, dearie!

  3. OMG! I’m not from Pitt, but went to school near there and spent many college weekends around the town. Do you know the shish-ka-bob guy? I believe he’s on Carson St. It is SO GOOD!

  4. Hey Sharon!

    I don’t know the shish-ka-bob guy, but it sounds like I’d better meet him! Thanks for the tip

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