Oct 10 2007

First impressions of "Red, White & Blue" thrift store


This post is primarily for my Pittsburgh readers and to help me keep track of things.

I went to a thrift store called Red, White & Blue, located at 935 Ohio River Blvd in Bellevue or Avalon. I don’t know which.

  • The store is open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday.
  • It only accepts cash, although there is a MAC machine in the store
  • There’s a 50% off senior discount (I can’t remember if it’s on certain days) and 75% off “white tag” items, whatever those are

The store was PACKED! The parking lot was completely full. I managed to grab a space just as someone was backing out. Inside the store, every aisle was full of people sorting through clothes racks.

They stock all sorts of clothes, shoes, bedding, housewares, books, and just a little bit of furniture. I only looked at a few clothes racks, because it was just so darn crowded. Prices for nice men’s blazers were around $9.95. Nice women’s workwear could be found around that price as well. For the clothing that I saw, all looked to be in good condition.

I found three bread machines. One was for $8.95, another $12.95, and another for $14.95. All looked to be decent, but in need of a good dusting/cleaning. I haven’t decided if I want to buy one yet, and I only had $5 in cash with me, so I decided to wait on this purchase.

The store did have a musty odor, which I noticed as soon as I walked in the door. Still, this shouldn’t deter anyone from coming in and finding some bargains.

I didn’t notice if there were any fitting rooms in this store. Does anyone know?

Bottom line:

I will return. I’ll be sure to bring cash and patience for dealing with the crowds. I’ll try to come earlier in the day, so that perhaps it won’t be as busy.

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5 Responses to “First impressions of "Red, White & Blue" thrift store”

  1. I don’t know how many of my things started at the thrift store – it’s amazing some of the deals you can save on there! You wonder why it is so busy and there are so many of them??? Because they make sense (cents)! :)

  2. thrift stores drive me bananas. i really really try to get into them but the rack sifting. i get weary of sales racks in regular stores. i keep going back b/c my friend found a donna karan suit w/the tags on for $12 at one in baltimore. sigh.

  3. Hi Kacie! I found your blog through Frugal Hacks. I was so shocked to see a pic of the R, W, & B store!!!!

    I used to shop there ALL the time! I now live in Fl, but I do miss that store, as we don’t ahve anything like it down here. I have a blog here that I post about everything, except anything to do with homemaking (including frugality). My other blog (www.homesteadblogger.com/boltbabe) is where I post that info. Stop over some time.

  4. I hate people like that! They are all crazy! They think they are the coolest and smartest ever. But really they are dumb

  5. Just wanted to add that at the current moment the whole place is under construction. They have added a much bigger parking lot on the site and they’re remodeling the outside (last I seen), not sure if they’re also doing the inside. They did not have a changing room, but maybe that’s something they’re adding during the remodeling – who knows? Of the thrift stores in Pittsburgh, this is one of the nicer ones, as everything is sorted well. I think the prices are a bit high considering but going on “special” days when they have half off certain tags is when you find the best buys.

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