Oct 09 2007

Buy a newspaper!


You can get a LOT of coupons for $1.50. By purchasing your Sunday newspaper (or whatever day the coupons come in), you’re lending financial support to the venue that’s giving you all these coupons.

If a newspaper sells more newspapers, their circulation increases. They can charge more to advertisers. Advertisers are willing to buy ads because they know a lot of people will see them. More advertisers will want to get in on the action, and you could potentially be getting even more coupons.

While I advocate getting free coupons, be it from the Internet, someone else’s newspapers, coupon exchanges, etc., it’s really important to shell out a little bit of money for a newspaper. Check into subscriber’s rates and ask for a discount. Some newspapers offer a weekend-only subscription. You know you make all that money back, anyway, right?

[Full disclosure: Yes, I have worked at newspapers before. I don’t work at one now, but they’re very dear to my heart]

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2 Responses to “Buy a newspaper!”

  1. Interesting idea–I’ll never think of the Sunday paper in the same way! So many of the businesses in my town have stopped taking printable coupons because of coupon fraud–the Sunday paper is the only way to get usable coupons! We typically only use the ones for household items, but I always get the cost of the paper back plus $2-10 extra.

  2. lol. i get them free at work so double score!! free paper and free coupons!!

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