Oct 08 2007

Walgreens will pay me $2 minus a postage stamp to haul this stuff off for them


With all the freebies I’ve been getting at CVS and Rite Aid, I thought it would be a shame to leave Walgreens out of the fun.

I went there today, picked up an October rebate booklet thing and found my freebies. I bought:

  • Buckley’s Cough Syrup $5.99
  • Breathe nasal spray $9.99
  • Pepcid Complete tabs 8-count $3.99
  • Total: $19.97. BUT! This store was having a grand opening special, and I had a $2 coupon good for purchases over $10. So, I paid $17.83 out of pocket(Something strange happened to the amount of tax. I’m not going to try to figure out what).
  • Total rebate amount: $19.97

Other free after rebate items include Beano To Go (I already have 5 of those. Having 6 would be ridiculous), Ameal BP Capsules, Fructis shampoo (the only kind they had there was for color-treated hair. I decided not to bother).

I found a $1 off coupon for Pert Plus online, and I have one in e-mail if you’d like me to send it to you without having to register. Since Walgreens is offering a $2.50 rebate off 13.5 oz. shampoo (and price there was $3.50) it would be free with coupon. I plan to go back, get my Pert Plus and then mail off my rebate form.

If I do that, then the total rebate will be $22.47. I can opt to get 10% more if I choose to get a Walgreens gift card, rather than a check. This would increase my refund to $24.71, putting me ahead an additional $2.25. I can use the gift card to buy more freebies next month and let the madness continue.

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5 Responses to “Walgreens will pay me $2 minus a postage stamp to haul this stuff off for them”

  1. ok.. i totally heart your blog.. i’m all about saving. sweet!

  2. Any chance you could post where you found that Pert Plus coupon? It’s my Mom’s favorite shampoo, and she’s visiting next week. I’d like to get it for her!

  3. Lovemyself,

    Thanks for your comment! It made me smile :)

    Hi Sophia,

    I meant to post a link to the coupon, as well. This is an easy one. Just go to http://www.pertplus.com and there’s a banner for it on the main page of the site. Very thoughtful of you to get your mom her fave shampoo!

  4. Thanks for the head’s up! Our Walgreens just opened. It’s good to know I can get such great deals!

  5. Walgreens has paid me to shop there many times too! Wish there was a CVS here…then I’d really make off like a bandit!

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