Oct 07 2007

Rite Aid: A first-timer’s experience


I went to Rite Aid for the first time today. They have some pretty good deals–in the form of free rebates. As I’m new to saving money there, I don’t know all the tricks yet. So, if you have advice for me, please share!

Here’s what I bought:

Aquafresh Advanced $2.49
Crest Pro Night Health $2.49
Electrasol $2.99 – coupon .50 = $2.49 + .18 tax
Pepcid Max 8-count $3.99

Total: $11.64
Expected rebate: $10.97
Net cost: $0.67

Rite Aid pros:

  • They have a decent amount of free-after-rebate items in their promotions.
  • It’s nice that I don’t have to mail in my rebate form. I can check its status online.
  • Since you can see a month’s worth of deals at a time, you can plan your month’s shopping trips (though you can only get rebates on items on certain dates)
  • The rebate check will be cash (I think) so you can use it for other things, whereas CVS extra care bucks can only be used for things in their store–not your electric bill.

Rite Aid cons:

  • You have to pay for the item upfront. Granted, that’s the nature of a rebate, but unlike CVS, where you can get your rebate much faster, with Rite Aid, you have to wait for a check to come in the mail.
  • Some free things I wanted were out of stock. Bummer. Better luck next time!

Here’s a link to Rite Aid’s explanation of their program.

Rite Aid publishes a monthly catalog that details which items earn rebates. The web site also has this data. Since there are so many items, and I’m mostly interested in freebies, I did a Ctrl+F search for this phrase: “Purchase price will be refunded.” I tabbed through those offers, making note of the week the offer was valid.

You can only get a rebate for a product if you bought it during the dates advertised on the rebate form.

Despite an offer stating “purchase price will be refunded,” this isn’t always the case. After that phrase, it has a disclaimer (up to $4.99) for example. So, make note of the maximum refund offered. Not all items will be free.

To claim your rebate check, you enter data from your sale receipt in a form on the Rite Aid web site. Hang on to your receipt until you get your check! If you expected a rebate, but didn’t get one, at least you can return the item if you decide you don’t need it.

You can only receive one rebate check per program period. So, don’t request a check until you’re done shopping for the month.

You also have to remember to actually request the check within a certain time frame. Set reminders, have people but you about it, do whatever you have to do to submit your refund request on time!

Also, I don’t know if they will refund your purchase price, or the price of the item without coupon. For example, if toothpaste costs $2.49, and their promotion is $2.49 rebate, and I use a $1 off coupon, I don’t know if they’ll send me $1.49 or $2.49. Does anyone know?


Be careful that you’re buying the exact item indicated for rebate. Today, I saw ad stickers placed on the incorrect toothpaste for the offer. You don’t want to end up with the wrong (and expensive!) item, and not get a rebate.

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3 Responses to “Rite Aid: A first-timer’s experience”

  1. You will get the rebate for the full price on the listed items,eventhough you use coupons too.

  2. Thanks for all this info! I hope to start rite Aid shopping soon. Right now we don’t have the money to fork out to start it though. I did get some good deals a month or so back at rite aid, I got two face washes and something else for under $2. They have good coupons in their sales ads sometimes too!

  3. Yeah, that’s the hard part about Rite Aid and Walgreens–you have to wait awhile to get your money back. I plan to use my refund money toward new purchases to continue rolling it over, but it’s good to know that I can just take the cash, if I want.

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