Oct 05 2007

I’d rather dine on the open sea


When I was in college, I ate out all the time. I rarely cooked, and it got to the point where I barely went to the grocery. This habit was not an effective way to use my limited money.

These days, (which aren’t so far removed from school!) we don’t go out to eat very often at all. What happened? Well, we went on a cruise for our honeymoon in May. If you’ve ever been on one, you already know the food is amazing. You’re eating the best food you’ve ever had in your life–for seven days straight. Wow.

Gourmet dishes, healthful options, stunning presentation–and it’s all included in your ticket price. We ate five-seven times each day. It was just so good! And no, I didn’t gain any weight.

Once we disembarked, we had to wait a day for our flight. So, we went to what we thought was a decent-looking restaurant. It probably was. But, compared to our cruise cuisine, it was a huge disappointment. The flavor was just OK, presentation dismal, and ultimately unsatisfying.

I guess you could say the cruise spoiled us and turned us into food snobs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing–now we hardly ever eat out.

When you go out to eat, is it ever the best food you’ve ever had? Do you walk away completely satisfied, glad you spent $10-20 on a meal? If that’s you, then I’m happy for you. But for me, I’ll stick to eating at home for a fraction of the price I’d pay for it at a restaurant.

After all, it leaves us money to save for our next cruise!

***Photo 1: A shell of white chocolate shaped like a chef’s hat, filled with a milk chocolate mousse. Drizzled with raspberry sauce and raspberries. Garnished with chocolate shavings and whipped cream.

***Photo 2: The best halibut I’ll ever have. The tenderly seasoned fish melted in my mouth. It was topped off with a crunchy layer of goodness and drizzled with some sort of sauce. Served with steamed asparagus (which, before this, I thought I didn’t like) and peppers. And that was just the entree! That dinner also came with an appetizer, salad/soup and of course, a dessert.

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6 Responses to “I’d rather dine on the open sea”

  1. We used to drop $20 a meal over at Chevy’s until we realize we could prepare something similar or even better at home for way cheaper.

    I’m also looking forward to taking another cruise. I love the chocolate/dessert buffet the most!

  2. Hi, Kacie, I really like this post!

    I wanted to mention that I’m having trouble exiting your blog. It seems to “trap” me into staying at this site. Maybe it’s my browser, but I wanted to mention it in case you’ve inserted a piece of code into your template. I rarely return to blogs which do that.

  3. Hi Meredith-

    Thanks for the comment, and thanks for letting me know you’re having problems editing. I wasn’t aware of it (and I certainly wouldn’t do that on purpose!) I’ll tinker with it, and hopefully fix whatever the problem was.

    What browser do you use? And, do you mind coming by again later and letting me know if you are still having that problem?

  4. I meant exiting, not editing. Whoops!

  5. Hi Kacie~

    I know the feeling….we went on a 4-day cruise to Cabo last summer and spoiled we were!

    We do eat out, probably more than we should, but it’s mostly out of necessity (we are shopping in another city and it’s not economical gas-wise to go home), or dh and I are going on a date (we usually go somewhere that has food I don’t make better than them LOL). If we eat at fast food, the dollar menu is usually what we order, unless dh is taking us, then we get to order whatever we want. Nice guy? Yep. Am I cheap? Yep. LOL

  6. I’m also picky about food, as well as service when I eat out. My DH’s family loves buffets, but I feel that for that price, I want to be waited on. Not worth the money to me!

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