Oct 03 2007

Kacie vs. CVS: Round 2

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I pretty much robbed CVS today. I walked out with $44.91 in merchandise (at regular price). I left $0.00 in their cash registers. What’s even better, I earned $4 from CVS. Here’s how I did it:

My first transaction was inspired by Crystal. I did deal # 2 and used the coupons she posted.

I bought:

  • 2 Robitussin Cough & Cold bottles $6 each on sale
  • 2 Advil Cold & Sinus $4 each on sale

The Advil is a behind-the-pharmacy-counter thing, so I paid for all four meds there. My total came to $20. I had $10 worth of coupons, thanks to what Crystal posted on her blog, bringing my total to $10. I used my $10 extra care buck generated yesterday. Total price: $0, and it generated $10 in extra care bucks for my next purchase.

My next purchase came just minutes later. I bought a lot of Beano. Five packages. Why? Because this month, it’s free after extra care bucks. It costs $2.99 each, and then it generates $2.99 in ECB. I found four coupons at $1 each, so this deal was now a money-maker. Check here and here for Beano coupons.

The total price before coupons was $14.95. I used my $4 in coupons, making it $10.95. I handed over my $10 ECB I just got from the pharmacy. I used a $1 ECB I also got yesterday (but just didn’t tell you about. It was for a Speed Stick 24/7. Price was $3.99, I had a $1 coupon, used my $2 ECB from earlier that day, and paid $1.06 out of pocket. It generated a $1 ECB).

So, final price today was $0.00. Technically, I “lost” a nickel in extra care bucks, but that’s fine with me.

Now, I have a stocked medicine cabinet and plenty of Beano to give to my sister for her birthday (KIDDING! Or am I? She’d get a huge kick out of it). I also have $14.95 in ECB to use for my next purchase.

Naturally, I think this is all hilarious.

**UPDATE: I overlooked this fantastic bonus: A rebate offer in the coupons that came in the Sept. 23 newspaper. With purchase of 3 listed products (which I bought) you can get a $5 rebate. Huzzah! The rebate form is only in that newspaper flier, as far as I have been able to find. A blogger pointed me to this, but alas, I can’t remember which one.

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