Oct 03 2007

Clothes-washing Wednesday (again)


This week, we only had two loads that needed washing. I decided to skip the laundromat and use the two washers in the apartment basement.

I spent $1.25/load for a total of $2.50.

The weather is so lovely and we have our windows open to let the breeze in. I thought I’d try Arlene’s suggestion to use my drying racks, rather than bother with an electric dryer. Previously, I just used the drying rack for clothes that couldn’t go in the dryer, or for things that weren’t totally dry. I haven’t used it for other just-out-of-the-wash items.

I hung as much as I could on hangars and put them on my shower curtain rod. Be careful, because too much weight will bring that thing crashing down! I put the rest on my collapsible drying rack.

It saved me $2.50, and conserved electricity, too. I’m hoping it won’t take too long for everything to dry. If it dries fast, I’ll just have to start doing this on a regular basis.

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3 Responses to “Clothes-washing Wednesday (again)”

  1. This is a great web site… I am living in Philadelphia and trying to leave a light footprint on the Earth. Living the frugal life is the only way! Great web site and I also dry my clothes on racks…

  2. I learned from Mom to dry most of the clothes on the drying racks. She taught me to not dry the undies because the elastic and spandex breaks down in the dryer and tends to disentegrate or crack. Undies air dry quick anyway. She taught me to not dry basic button down shirts because a dryer can easily overdry them and make them hard to the touch.

    Basically, just dry towels, washcloths, sheets (unless u have a backyard line like my nana had) heavy blankets (which can be laid out in the summer), socks and jeans. Jeans never completely dry, but to hang them would take forever to dry. And, think of the time you save yourself from being in the laundromat. I cut a half hour from my chore just by hanging half my wash.

  3. I line dry everything. Big money saver. Except the duvet. (I put 2 tennis balls to help it move and dry faster in the dryer). Same here, at my apt the machines tear my clothes- so I go to laundromat and use big washing machine.

    I line dry indoors using top of door frame. I use cheap dry-cleaner hangars which I scavenged (and disinfected), I just leave closet door open and hang t shirts w hangars there. I throw sheet or a towel over top of door while I run ceiling fan and air purifier in the bedroom that has southern exposure (1 fortunate thing)!

    Adaptability is key to survival. So, I try to think outside the box.yes, the shower bar is great too.

    My goal is to do laundry more often and reduce the size of my wardrobe. It’s well organized, but I prefer to upkeep less clothes and live a simpler life.
    I liked your blog. Thank you!

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