Sep 28 2007

One potato, two potato, three potato, four


Whew! All that potato-cookin’ has me tired. And hungry. Good thing I have things to eat. I don’t really feel like posting any of the recipes, but if you really must have one, please ask and I’ll post it for ya.

I’ll post a photo and a cost break-down of each dish. I used my very best algebra skills to figure out the costs. Remember, I had one sack of potatoes and then a few already on hand. I figured the cost per spud to be .085 each.

Twice-baked potatoes:

  • 12 medium, symmetrical potatoes: $1.02
  • One stick margarine: .21
  • 8 oz. cheddar cheese: $1.67
  • Total: $2.90
  • Servings: 20
  • Cost per serving: $0.15

Potato salad:

  • 10 small or weird-shaped potatoes $0.85
  • 4 hardboiled eggs .59
  • 2 sticks celery .20
  • Mayo and mustard of course, but I have no idea how much I paid for the mayo…so we’ll forget this in the total
  • Total: $1.64
  • Yield: 5 pounds
  • Let’s say a serving size is 6 ounces. Cost per serving is $0.13

Au gratin potatoes:

  • 9 smallish potatoes $0.765
  • 1 package cheese $1.67
  • 2 cups milk .90
  • Bread crumb topping
  • Total cost $3.34
  • Serves…8? Maybe?
  • Cost per serving $0.42

Potato wedges:

  • 8 large, weird-shaped potatoes $0.68
  • Seasonings
  • Total cost .68
  • Serves 8
  • Cost per serving $0.09

Bottom line:

The entire project cost $8.56 and took about 2.5 hours of mostly non-stop work. I only peeled potatoes for the salad, and while that took some time, it wasn’t as much as I thought. The wedges were the simplest to prepare, and the au gratins were the hardest, since I had to make the cheese sauce. Still, no biggie. Overall, it went well and I think if I find myself with a potato surplus again in the future, I’d do a marathon bake-off again. Just look at how cheap the servings are! Pretty cool.

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15 Responses to “One potato, two potato, three potato, four”

  1. Hey Kacie — This is a great blog. Your posts are interesting and well written, and it’s certainly a useful topic for a lot of people. Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Hey Chip! Thanks so much for commenting and for the compliment. Hope things are well with you.

  3. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog; I tried to answer your question in the comments… I don’t know how well I did, LOL!

    I’m sure I’ll be by to visit again. Welcome to the worlds of blogging and homemaking — you learn a lot from both, and they’re tons of fun, aren’t they? :)

  4. Oh, and for your poll, I chose that we spend $35-$50, but I don’t shop weekly. We do one large monthly shop, and spend about $150 each month. Sometimes a little more, but many times, it’s less than that.

  5. Hey Arlene! Thanks for stopping by. You’re right–I’m having a lot of fun!

  6. Kacie, Your use of potatoes is nothing short of inspirational. I have never stumbled across potato salad for .13 a serving.

    I am glad you are doing well and I enjoy the blog.


  7. Awesome! And I love the cost breakdown–I’m slowly collecting my own data for this very purpose. Hopefully you still have interest in eating the potatoes after all that work! I make a 5 pound batch of mashed potatoes and freezing family-sized servings so I only have to peel/chop/mash once. I need to branch out–great ideas for potato dishes.

  8. Hi SAHMmy–thanks for stopping by. I wasn’t sure how well potato salad freezes, so I’m glad to hear you do it.

    I’m hoping to do a cost break-down on as many recipes as I can. It should make planning my shopping list a lot easier.

    I hope we eat all of those potatoes, too! Would be such a waste if we didn’t.

    Hey Brian–thanks for commenting! I’m glad you like the blog. Hope you’re well, too!

  9. man i know your hubby was SO excited!! i would’ve been. i LOVE potatoes. my friend’s mom does hash browns by boiling the potatoes first, then frying them in a skillet. they’re DELISH!

  10. Everything looks great.

  11. Hey Jameil–He really was excited! I didn’t think about hashbrowns. Maybe next time, I’ll make some.

    Hi Country Girl, thanks for stopping by!

  12. That is definitely inspirational! I have a 10 lb. bag right now myself, and I think I’ll be making all sorts of things potato-y before the weekend is over! I have to get to them before they turn green and sprout!

  13. I bought 5 lbs of potatoes on sale and used them for twice baked potatoes.
    I was a little nervous because my husband ket saying that he thought they would be nasty once they came out of the freezer.
    Boy was he wrong. He now worships at the feet of his own personal freezer potatoe Queen.

  14. Hi! I stumbled across your page and was inspired by the potato post. lol. What recipe did you use for the twice baked potatos and the fries? And can you freeze both of those??? If you don’t mind sharing could you email me at jdeguzman0930 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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