Sep 27 2007

The rest of my $35/week grocery budget


Just got back from Kuhn’s grocery to wrap up my shopping for the week. The purchases don’t look that interesting, so I won’t bother with a photo. I went slightly over budget, spending $24.90 there, and putting me at $36.55. I blame the milk.

Here’s what I bought:

  • Mueller’s dry elbow macaroni .50
  • Mueller’s dry spaghetti .50
  • Sargento shredded cheese, 3 packs for $5
  • Ragu pasta sauce, on sale for $1.33. Got two and used a $1-off coupon, making them .84 per jar
  • Pack of margarine. Four sticks for .85. I probably could have gotten it cheaper at Aldi, but I didn’t think about it. Better luck next time
  • Frozen strawberries $1.69
  • Dozen large eggs $1.78 (These have got to be cheaper elsewhere, too. Right?)
  • Ziplock freezer bags (to store all my potato goods and more) $2.19 with coupon
  • Yotastic yogurt .33 each (got 10)
  • Two gallons 1% milk $3.61 each. I saw it for more than $4 at Target. Yeesh!

I’ll post my menu for the week soon.

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5 Responses to “The rest of my $35/week grocery budget”

  1. eggs are way cheaper at aldi’s.

  2. Woah, I so miss cheap food. I’ve been told I already shop at the cheapest grocery in the area (Safeway), but OJ is $7/gallon on a good day and milk and eggs are always at least $4.00/half gallon and $3.00/dozen, respectively.

    No wonder my grocery runs are so expensive even when I buy only generic!

  3. For zip lock bags I would look at $1.00 stores. Recently I found off brand zip like baggies 60 for $1.00–these were sandwich sizes, normally a box of 50, but it was a bonus box so it had 60, but the dollar store in my area carried all sizes of ziplock style bags and all for $1.00

  4. Thanks for reminding me about the dollar stores. Sometimes, you can get really great deals there!

  5. Your blog gave to some inspiration to start saving again.

    Bookmarked! will be visiting again.

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