Sep 26 2007

Clothes-washing Wednesdays


I just did four loads of laundry–start to finish–in one hour. Whew! Thanks to the many machines at my local Laundromat, I got the job done for $8.25 total.

The Laundromat has a special this month: $1.25/wash on Wednesdays. That’s a savings of .25/load. I paid $5 for the wash and $3.25 for the drying cycles (7 minutes=.25 for the big dryers and 14 mins. = .25 for the smaller dryers. I think the large dryers are more efficient).

We don’t have a washer or dryer in our apartment unit, but there are facilities in our basement that we can use if we want. The cost is $1.25 per wash and dry. I think the washing machines are a little small, and the dryers don’t work very well. If I did four loads here, it would cost more than $10 since I’d need the dryer to run more than once. Plus, it would take me several hours. Not a good use of my time, since I can’t just leave it there.

I’m looking forward to the day when we’ll have a washer and dryer in our home. But for now, I guess I can be happy that we aren’t using our electricity or water to run the machines. I’m trying to find out how much it costs to do laundry at home. Does anyone have the numbers for that?

Oh, one other thing I do while at the Laundromat: They have a coupon-exchange box. People add their unwanted coupons and take what they want. I’ve found plenty of coupons for things I will actually use, and I don’t have to buy the Sunday paper for it. Does anyone else use a coupon-exchange?

Laundry tip No. 1: Cut your fabric sheets in half. You instantly double the amount of fabric softener sheets you have, and will be able to use a box twice as long. Try it for a load and see if you like the result. My clothes still come out smelling fresh and static-free.

Laundry tip No. 2: Add baking soda to your wash load. It helps with stain and odor removal, and it’s much cheaper than Oxyclean or a similar product.

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5 Responses to “Clothes-washing Wednesdays”

  1. Have you considered buying some drying racks or tension rods to use for hanging things up and drying around the house? That would save on your laundry bill, plus in the winter, you would be putting some moisture back into the air at home. If you’re not too far from the laundromat, that is.

    Oh, and I rarely fill the cap to the first line with laundry detergent (only if it’s a VERY dirty load — like my husband’s work uniforms or grass-cutting clothes, etc). Otherwise, I use about half of what’s “recommended.” We don’t stink, the stains still come out, and it stretches the soap. Works for me! :)

  2. I use my shower curtain rod to hang up some things, and I also have a drying rack that folds up when not in use. I can only fit about one load of clothes on it at a time, and I don’t think blankets or sheets would do very well with it.

    Good thinking about the extra moisture in the winter!

    Thanks so much for sharing the tips.

  3. I’ve actually cut out dryer sheets completely, as I ran out once in college and my clothes turned out fine. It may be an adjustment if you’re used to them, though.

  4. 1. Check your public library for coupon exchange!
    2. Plain white vinegar removes odors and softens clothes very well. Put it in like Downey–I put it in the Downey Ball.
    3. The homemade laundry soap works great and saves money!

  5. I bought a small portable washing machine from Haier corporation that hooks up to my sink. I can’t do big or heavy loads, those items I still have to take to the laundromat. I can do small batches of laundry and if I do it a couple times a week, I can keep up with the worst of it.

    In the summer I hang clothes out on my clothes line, in the winter, I hang items on a drying rack and if the weather is right, back on the clothes line (sometimes your clothes will freeze and not dry and then you still have wet laundry and it has to thaw). You need a breezey sunny day in the winter to do this. If the weather is too cold or not condusive to line drying, I take the clothes to the laundromoat just to use the dryer.

    To do a load of laundry around where I live the prices range from $1.75 to $2.25 per washer load. Dryers are 25c for anywhere from 6-8 minutes per quarter.

    I do use the laundromat for my blankets and dog beds that need washing. I’m willing to pay for the large triple load machine to get the dog beds washed (hot wash cycle) and dried.

    I’m hoping one day to move to a house complete with a garage, dry basement, and a washer and dryer, all things I currently don’t have.

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