Sep 25 2007

The glowing lure of free TV


Sometimes, I really love television. It can feel so good to lounge around and watch its mind-numbing goodness. But, as you know, you can have access to hundreds of channels and there could still be nothing on TV.

We don’t have cable. I bought a set of rabbit ears to put atop our TV set, and we get what comes over the airwaves. This includes: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, some local channel, and home shopping (!?).

The shows are decent, and reception is reasonable. Not as good as it would be if we broke down and bought cable, but hey, for free, it’s fantastic.

PLUS–the networks now have select shows online for free (and in some cases, limited-commercial) viewing. Gotta love that!

I tried to find out how much basic cable would cost, but I don’t want to call a salesperson. Between installation charges and who knows what else, plus the monthly charge, I know it’s a lot.

Finally, with fewer channels to watch, if nothing on one of my seven channels interests me, I can turn it off, save electricity and find something else to do. Hurrah!

3 Responses to “The glowing lure of free TV”

  1. We don’t have to pay for our cable, but if we did, we probably wouldn’t get it. Most shows are available online for a fee or for free, and we’re so into our computers that just makes sense. We already watch TV through the computer anyway!

  2. When we lived in the U.S., we just used whatever stations were available. I think it helped us to not spend hours in front of the TV. If we wanted to see movies, we mostly borrowed them for free from our local library, which had quite the growing collection. Now we live in Taiwan and the basic cable is virtually impossible to cancel, but it is much less expensive. Though it’s fun to watch, I wish it wasn’t so much of a distraction. :-)

  3. Hi Bee and Holly-

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    Holly-glad to hear cable in Taiwan is cheaper. Sometimes, it’s great to just veg out in front of the tube.

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