Sep 25 2007

Magazine subscriptions don’t have to cost a lot


As I hinted at in my first post, the public library is a wonderful place. Where else can you borrow so many books (and more) for free?

But, there are times when the library simply won’t do.

For instance, I’m a magazine freak. For real. When I checked the mail today, I was sad that there wasn’t a magazine in there for me to read, since I usually get at least one a day it seems. I subscribe to more than a dozen, including ones not available at my library, in case one day I can submit some freelance material for one. Plus, I love reading them and cutting out articles if I want.

My little hobby could be very expensive if I’m not careful. So, a few tips:

Do not ever buy a magazine at a newsstand. And, do not ever buy a subscription from one of those little cardboard cards that are stuck within its pages. It’s not always the lowest price.

There’s many magazine sites out there that can give you a pretty good discount. Prices seem to change often, so you need to shop around. Google is your friend on this.

Here’s some deals I’ll use as an example from a site I ordered from recently,

Family Fun 1 year for $2.98
Guideposts 1 year for $3.47
Ladies’ Home Journal 1 year for $3.90
Working Mother 1 years for $2.70

Another time, I filled out a survey after ordering from Ticketmaster, and then I was able to get a year’s subscription for both Time and Newsweek for $2 each. WHAT?! Those are weekly magazines. What a deal!

When I’m done reading, I either recycle them or take them to the library for an ultra-cheapskate to enjoy.

What cheap magazines have you found?

2 Responses to “Magazine subscriptions don’t have to cost a lot”

  1. Wow! What a great deal! I generally just read the magazines at the librarey, or if a friend gets a particular magazine I might borrow it from her.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog.

  2. Hi Natasha! Thanks for posting the first comment!

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